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Record Management, is the preservation of the past, managing present and providing access to future. It is the practice of identifying, classifying, archiving, and preserving old records. Since inception of Pakistan Air Force, Record Section of Personnel Branch is entrusted with the task of preservation of biographic, personal and service information of officers. At Record Section information is, received, classified, preserved, archived, and digitized. Team of Record section is committed to bring improvement in the record keeping and updation process. If you are in search of your personal information, academic credentials, posting details, courses and awards information, then contact Record Section of Personnel Branch.
Historical Perspectives  
History reveals that, at the time of independence, 220 P-files were handed over to RPAF fleet. In 1956, Record Section was formally established under the umbrella of Air Secretary Branch. In 1971, after a tragic separation of west front, 246 officers opted to join Bangladesh Air Force. In 1992, Air Secretary Branch was named as Personnel Branch and Record Section was made its integral part. At present this section maintains P-files, record sheets, and medical documents of serving/ retired officers. Shown below are some of the pioneering officers, who set the foundations of Pakistan Air Force. They had little time for leisure for the very act of achieving an independent homeland had also conferred upon them an enemy who for long years would remain committed to undoing their cherished achievement. Most of these unsung heroes, toiled relentlessly on an arduous task to set the foundation of Pakistan Air Force in the years to come, would be reckoned as one of the best in the world. Semi trained, ill equipped and faced with an enemy much larger in size, they worked with great zeal and fervor, often faced with a daunting task of keeping their flying machines aloft. In the vanguard of the contingent were the officers, the leaders who would constitute the hierarchy of the fledgling Air Force. Among the Pilots, were Mohammad Khan Janjua, Haider Raza, Maqbool Rabb, Abdul Rehman; all of whom had held senior command or staff appointments in the RIAF. There were Asghar Khan and Nur Khan, Mohammad Akhtar, 'Steve' Joseph, Khyber Khan, Abdul Qadir, Eric Hall, Rahim Khan and Zafar Chaudhry. With them were Masroor Hosain, F S Hussain, Saeedullah Khan, Rab Nawaz , Mick' O'Brian, and 'Mitty' Masud. Behind the pilots came the Navigators, Kamal Ahmed and 'T S' Jan and Air gunner Alfred Jagjivan. Then there were the Engineers, pitifully few in number and with so little experience, led by 'jerry' Khan, Mohammad Mahboob, 'Chacha' Siddique, Khalilur Razzak and 'Musti' Khan. Admin officers, outnumbering even the flier include Mofazil Alahdad, and Mahbub Piracha. Then there were Meteorologists Hidayatullah and Abdul Qadir who enacted drawn out battle with the civil Met department. There was Riffat Mahmood who earned the distinction of becoming the first pioneering Doctor to head the PAF's medical services. Among them was an Educationist Asghar Hussain, who was destined to set up academic foundation of Air Force. There was Mohammad Aslam, the sole Legal expert on the rolls.
Record Management Processes  
Record Section is endeavoring to bring improvement in record keeping process. Although majority of P-files and folders have been converted into e-format through imaging and scanning process, however for ready cross-reference, paper-based records are also being retained and preserved in moisture resistant hard-bound jackets. The introduction of software-based solution, "Officer Information System (OIS) has brought revolution in the record keeping process at P Branch. Record Section archive record in following formats. Record Management is three folded. Paper-based records are accessible through hard-bound P-files, OIS application offers soft-ware based digital solution of record management. It is important to highlight that OIS has reduced the time of record tracking form hours to seconds. Another method of record keeping is Micro-filmed record management. Service documents are micro-filmed and preserved in film strips. In the absence of microfilm reader, Records section has transformed microfilmed records into pages, scanned and archived in large memory disks.
Information Flow  
Record Section institutes an information array with various Dtes of AHQ, JSHQ, and MoD. Dte of CM furnishes information related to Promotions, Awards and Discipline. Dte of Manning provides data related to Commissioning, Retirements and Re-employments. Dte of Mov/ Trg, provides information related to Courses, Deputation and Attachments. Record Section is also allied with Gp Dirs for maintenance of information related to Training, Posting and Deployments. Record Section maintains information net-work with JSHQ for provision of medals and parchments. With MoD we maintain close liaison for processing gazette notifications of deceased officers and post-facto approval of foreign medals. Record Section maintains information link with DHA & Fazaia Housing Scheme for data verification. Record Section institute communication network with PAROA and uses this useful platform for up-dation of addresses, post-retirement marriages, children birth / death information.
Services / Policy Offered  
Process membership of officers with Services messes and DHA clubs.  
Facilitate MoD, JSHQ, GHQ, NHQ, CSD and DHA in data verification.  
Provide service biographic, personal and service information to officers.  
Process issuance of flying experience certificate with Dte of Stats.  
Process issuance of ID cards of retired officers with PM Branch.  
Process authorization of PAF crests on retirement / release.  
Provide service release book to all retiring officers.  
Medical Treatment Facilities available to Retired PAF Personnel from Fauji Foundation  
CAS' Welfare Package - 2015  
Applications & Forms  
Pension Forms: PAF Officers
Pension Forms: PAF Airmen
Pension Forms: PAF Civilian
Officers' record check form (Personal / Family detail)
Application for provision of ID cards Self
Application for provision of ID cards Widow
Application for change of name (AFO 30-9-Self)
Application for change of name (AFO 30-9-Wife)
Application for change of name (AFO 30-9-Children)
Application for issuance of Flying Exp Certificate (AFO 171-6)
Application for issuance of Service Release Book (PAF Form 10445)
Causality / Disability / Death info applications (AFO 176-27)
Retired Officers Identity Card Form
Undertaking Certificate For Re-Employment Of Retired Officers
Contact Us  
Deputy Director (Records)  
Personnel Branch  
Air Headquarters, Islamabad  
Tel: 051-9506389  
e-Mail: offrecpb@paf.gov.pk