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            It gives me great pleasure to pay my first visit to a unit of the Royal Pakistan Air Force. There is no doubt that a country with out a strong Air Force is at the mercy of any aggressor. Pakistan must build up her Air Force as quickly as possible. It must be an efficient air force, second to none and must take its right place with the army and the navy in securing Pakistan’s defence.

            I am well aware of air development in other countries and my government is determined that the Royal Pakistan Air Force will not lag behind.

            The Royal Pakistan Air Force has started with very few assets except loyalty and determination to succeed. But the Royal Pakistan Air Force is already taking shape, this school formed only seven months ago is a worthy example of this.

            I know you are short of personnel but I understand recruitment is brisk and good material is coming forward. To fill up the gaps in the meantime the Royal Pakistan Air Force volunteers are coming forward and are welcome.

            I know also that you are short of aircraft and equipment, but efforts are being made to procure the necessary equipment and orders for modern aircraft have also been placed.

            But aircraft and personnel in any numbers are of little use, unless there is a team spirit within the Air Force and a strict sense of discipline prevails. I charge you to remember that only with discipline and self-reliance can the Royal Pakistan Air Force be worthy of Pakistan.