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PAF's Fire Power Demo Marks Precise Hit at Enemy Targets, Islamabad



THAL RANGE, 06 April 2010:            The fighter aircraft of Pakistan Air Force Tuesday demonstrated a high level of tactical preparedness featuring speed, precision and strength, at a fire power demonstration, as part of exercise "High Mark 2010." The demonstration in the midst of sand dunes of Thal by the aircraft of the PAF fleet including F-16s, JF-17 Thunder, Mirages and F-7s reverberated the entire area with huge explosions, creating mushroom clouds.The aircraft bolted out of the blue skies, made several bombing runs and hit out mock targets depicting runways, radar sites, air defence batteries and other infrastructure.

The demonstration started with two A-5 aircraft - one carrying a National Flag and the other with a welcome banner, flew past the audience including Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, services chiefs, parliamentarians and PAF officials.

Two Mirage aircraft showcased the recently acquired aerial refuelling from the IL-76 refueller, maintaining a skilful distance of just 13-26 meters from the tanker.

Two F-16 aircraft flying at an ultra-low altitude released chaff and flares for self-defence and dropped two 2,000 pound bombs at the target, receiving a loud applause from the audience.

Four JF-17 thunder aircraft equipped with latest avionics, dropped their payload at 1,900 feet, targeting a mock hideout of militants, set up on a small hill.

In an impressive performance, a Mirage aircraft flying at extremely low altitude of 200 feet, dropped bombs at the enemy targets, while two F-16s flying at a speed of 480 knots knocked off two targets through its 2,000 pounder bombs.

Four Mirage - the Night Hawks, capable of low level penetration, allowing minimum time to the enemy and achieving surprise, dropped 5,000 pounds bombs. The weapons generated a shock wave that led to the collapse of all hardened bunkers.

The H-2 weapon - a wide-range television guided missile, was dropped by two Mirage aircraft at a mud platform, from around 60 km away from the target, thus making it possible to create a lethal and precise attack at far-off range.

The PAF's Special Service Wing demonstrated the targeting of terrorists' hideout and rescue of hostages in conjunction with the Special Services Group of the Pakistan Army.

A C-130 demonstrated container delivery operation, while the MI-17 helicopters were used to transport the anti terrorists assault force that rappelled down the hovering craft to crack down on the terrorists.

The SAAB aircraft carrying the Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW & CS) with a capability to see and scan a target 450 km distance away.

In the end, the audience were enthralled with the performance of the 'Sherdils' - the aerobatic team of PAF Academy RisalPur in K-8 aircraft. Emitting red and green colour fumes the team performed different maneuvers showing their precision and skill by flying in tight formations.

The entire exercise was carried out in a near real situation with an objective of depicting fighter pilots's capabilities of avoiding collateral damage and inflicting maximum damage to the enemy targets.