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Color Award Ceremony, Sargodha

Color Award Ceremony
01 December, 2008



SARGODHA 01 DECEMBER, 2008:- “Pakistan Air Force realizes the challenge faced by our country and we assure the nation that we will prove much equal to the assigned task”, said Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force while addressing the Colour Award Ceremony of PAF elite squadrons at Pakistan Air Force Base Mushaf, Sargodha on Monday. Three elite squadrons of Pakistan Air Force were awarded Colour by Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed, Chief of the Air Staff ,  Pakistan Air Force in a smartly turned out parade ceremony held at Pakistan Air Force Base Mushaf, Sargodha. The colours were awarded to CCS Mirage Squadron, CCS F-7P Squadron and No 24 Squadron of PAF.  These squadrons have a glorious history and since their inception have served the country meritoriously fortifying the defence both in times of peace and conflict. 

In his address at the occasion, Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed said” You would agree with me that award of Squadron Flag Colour is a symbol of pride and highest recognition for any operational squadron.  Over the years, these well-reputed and distinctive squadrons have participated in all the major contingencies and exercises and have contributed significantly to enhance the operational standards of PAF. In addition, these elite squadrons, as an epitome of PAF combat crew training, have also played a pivotal role in grooming and edifying PAF air warriors, which in turn, has tremendously enhanced the combat readiness and professional efficiency of this elite organization. Today’s ceremony bears testimony to all such indelible and momentous efforts. It also credits tribute to all those personnel, who had been sacrificing their toil and blood for upholding their National Flag.  He further said” Today’s event is certainly a milestone for these Squadrons and should make every individual of the PAF proud of his achievements. At the same time, the honour entails some additional responsibilities upon your shoulders.  The accomplishments must drive you to quest for excellence and attain zeniths of competence and success. 

PAF Base Mushaf, Sargodha has a profound legacy of fighter heritage of Pakistan Air Force. The Base houses some of the elite squadrons of PAF who have acts of utmost courage and valour displayed in 1965 and 1971 wars. Further more, the Base has remained in fore front during all national level contingencies. The fighting units of PAF have a rich history full of gallantry acts and tales of heroism which becomes their recognition. To acknowledge their invaluable contributions, these units are awarded with colour.  PAF Base Mushaf is currently being commanded by Air Commodore M Ashfaque Arain who has the honour to be a part of all the units of this Base at different times. The parade was witnessed by a large number of serving and retired PAF officers and civilian dignitaries.