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Nur Khan- The Man With The Midas Touch, Islamabad



An ace fighter pilot, a visionary commander and an epitome of a leader, Air Marshal Nur Khan emerged on the global landscape as a true icon, a legend and a national hero.

As Commander-in- Chief of PAF, he established the foundations of aggressive tactics, construed the time according to situation, and adopted ways and means that were in the best interest of service. As a true leader he knew the art of winning hearts and minds of the under command. He remained involved in the affairs of the PAF Airmen, cared for them and took actions that raised their morale.

Apart from rising to the coveted position of C-in-C of PAF at the age of 42, he went on to make a name for himself in many diverse fields. It was during his secondment to Pakistan International Airlines from 1959-1965, that his willingness to lead from the front thrust him into the global spotlight. Similarly as Chief Administrator of Civil Aviation and Tourism`, his vision and initiatives resulted in promotion of hotel business in Pakistan. His tenure on this appointment saw acquisition of foreign hotels and extending help to over 46 foreign airlines to train their pilots, engineers, employees and revive their fortunes.

Air Marshal Nur Khan also rendered colossal services for the uplift of national sports of Hockey, Cricket and Squash enabled Pakistan to reach the pinnacle. He during his short stints as Minister of Education and Governor of West Pakistan made all endeavours to promote education and improve the social fibre of the nation.

The services rendered by Air Marshal Nur Khan were acknowledged both at national and international levels and he became a highly decorated officer of PAF. His decorations include Hilal-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Hilal-e-Jurat, Hilal-e- Shujat, Sitar-i-Pakistan and Sitara-i-Quaid-e-Azam. The king of Jordan awarded him the Order of Istiqlal (2nd Class) and was decorated as Commander of the National Order of the Cedars by the president of Lebanon, besides the award of Grand Officer in the order of Range Nassau with Swords by the Dutch Government.

Air Marshal Nur Khan was a very proud, patriotic, devoted and a decorated "SON" of Pakistan. His charismatic personality, dynamic leadership, visionary wisdom, razor-sharp intelligence, outstanding management abilities, and inexhaustible diligence made him the most accomplished person of modern history. His long , distinguished and illustrious services in diverse fields earned him a name that would be surely remembered till the end of times. He was the man with Midas touch; whatever he touched became gold, whatever he envisaged became reality, whatever he pursued became exemplary- truly "Giant among Men".

The saga of epic quests and achievements ended when the legend expired on December 15, 2011, leaving behind a trail of courage , professionalism and dedication for the nation to cherish and follow.